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Everything a business in Brevard County needs to know to Optimize their Instagram Bio section.

Considering a majority of visitors to your Instagram profile page are new and not following you, one quick glance at your account can make or break your follower growth.  It is important to be objective and ask yourself if someone can tell what your business is about.  Then ask yourself are my services and what I uniquely have to offer communicated properly?  You want to leave your visitor thinking “Wow, where is this restaurant?”  Not “Why does everyone always post pictures of food?”

Ok, so how exactly do you do that?  Take a look at these social media tips for optimizing your Instagram Bio Section of your profile to find out!

“Two-thirds of profile visits to businesses come from people who aren’t following that business.”

Instagram Data, Nov 2017

Activate a Business Account

The main reason you need to activate a business account is it provides you with analytics or the tools you need to grow.  Without data to analyze and measure it is impossible to direct your growth. 

Business accounts also get a category option that tells Instagram [Facebook and Google] who you are and who you are targeting.   This allows your reach to go further and more importantly to reach the correct audience.   See more on optimizing your Category option below.

Make sure you have an optimized Profile picture. 

Having a profile picture that properly communicates your business name and image is key to getting noticed in the Instagram world.  Unlike Facebook, Instagram pictures are small, round and cannot be enlarged. You will need an image powerful enough to stand out among a sea of other tiny images. On top of that, a majority of consumers view social media through a mobile device instead of a desktop making your image even smaller and amplifying the issue. It is important to consider all of these factors when selecting an Instagram profile picture for your business.

You can find my complete blog post on optimizing your profile picture here.


If you activated your business account then you will have a category option. The category you pick serves two purposes: to categorize yourself within Instagram and as an additional description potential followers will read. This has the potential to save you characters when you get to the next step, your “Brief Description”. 

When you go to choose a category it will generate a list depending on the letters you have typed and it will change as you type each letter.  So take a minute to try a variety of words and see what your options are before picking the first option that works. I have included a video below that shows how your options generate.

I have also included a great example of an optimized category in the example portion of this blog post below.

Brief Description

You are limited to the number of characters you are allowed to use so get as creative as you can.  Explain what your business offers better than anyone else but make sure you do this in as few words, or emojis, as possible.  With the limited amount of characters that you are allowed to use, 150 characters to be exact, you need to include a description and a call to action [see more details on your call to action in the next section]

If your profile picture and feed visually show what your page is about, then use these words to communicate what they cannot.  This doesn’t mean you cannot be literal in your description but use your characters wisely. 

Call to Action

This is the call that directs the customer to act towards achieving your goal on the platform.  For example do you want them to go to a website to view amazing merchandise or to subscribe to your blog?  Maybe you want them to contact you directly with an email or phone call to schedule an appointment.  Whatever it is you are hoping to achieve customize your call to action to reflect that.

You can also use words like “Click Here” or “Contact Us Here” to specifically tell your customer what to do. 

Action Button:

When you have a business account activated on Instagram you also get the option to add an action button, making it even easier to get where you are directing them.  Making the action to make an appointment or send an email user-friendly and convenient ensures you do not miss an opportunity!


This is the only place on Instagram where you can post a clickable link.  Unlike Facebook you cannot add clickable links to comments or content.  Instead, you must always direct viewers to the link in your bio to access them. 

I do not recommend them, but there are third-party apps like Linktree and Leadpages that allow you to post multiple links on one landing page.  I personally do not like to use these apps because they can be seen as spammy and can be unreliable.  Instead, I would suggest making the home page of your website your landing page for additional links so you can get the analytics and increase traffic to YOUR site.

The story your posts create on your feed.

When a potential follower is on your profile page and they look at your feed does it communicate anything? 

If you take the time to plan out your campaign and organize it properly then it will tell the story of what your business is and has to offer.  This is not a billboard but a snapshot. Other information is better communicated in stories where day to day activities are posted.  Think of daily posts as magazine covers for your story feeds

Please leave any questions you have on this topic below. I would love to put together a blog post on this to further explain how this is achieved.

Examples of optimized Instagram bio sections

A perfect example of an optimized Instagram bio is the account run by the @spacecoastfoodies. It is instantly obvious that they are the people to follow if you want to know where all the good local restaurants are on the Space Coast. The page also visually tells a story about a couple who are proud to call the Space Coast home with their fashion line that screams hometown pride.

  • Profile Picture: They have a clear picture where they pop off the white backdrop.
  • Category: “Local & Travel Website” This lets viewers and Instagram know that vacationers and people who are local to the Space Coast will benefit from the content on this page.
  • Brief Description: “Space Coast, FL” and “Showing you the BEST local eats” lets you know that they are a food blog focused on the “best” local restaurants on the Space Coast. They also list it out so it is quick and easy to read.
  • Call to Action: SHOP stands out because all letters are capitalized and this immediately lets you know they have merchandise.
  • Link: Conveniently located below the call to action is the link that makes the action accessible.

AB Testing

Now you understand what to include but you might be asking yourself how to know if you are including the best content in your bio. Just like everything else on social media you have to AB test it. This can take time and can be an ongoing process, depending on your business, but necessary.

Please leave any questions you have on this topic below. I am planning a blog post on this to further explain how AB testing is used in managing your social media accounts.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please subscribe below to be notified about future blog posts and do not be afraid to reach out if you are looking for a social media manager for your business.

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Choosing the Right Instagram Profile Picture for your Business’s Instagram Page

Instagram is an amazing platform with over a billion active users each month and with ninety percent of those users following a business’s page, this is the platform you are going to want to stand out on!  This is the best way to build relationships with new customers, with your current customers and for your customers to get to know you.

Having a profile picture that properly communicates your business name and image is key to getting noticed in the Instagram world.  Unlike Facebook, Instagram pictures are small, round and cannot be enlarged. You will need an image powerful enough to stand out amongst a sea of other tiny images. On top of that, a majority of consumers view social media through a mobile device instead of a desktop making your image even smaller and amplifying the issue. It is important to consider all of these factors when selecting an Instagram profile picture for your business.

Ok, now that you know why an Instagram Profile picture is so important and you also understand its constraints let me break down for you a checklist to help you create the perfect profile picture:

  1. Choose a clean image where your logo or face is clearly visible.  I would suggest picking a portrait style picture unless you’re representing a company with many employees or the brand is already more recognizable than the person running it.  The primary focus is, “why me over my competitors?”  When the customer sees an image of your face or faces they already see your business in a friendlier and more approachable light.
  2. Make sure your background is clean and crisp allowing your logo or face to pop.  You want to pop off your background not be lost in it.
  3. Choose a square sized image not a rectangular one, to ensure your image displays the way you want it to when you upload it.  A poorly cropped image is not the first impression you want to leave when people are looking at your business. *Professional Tip: Have your image sized to 110×110 pixels to give your image the optimal quality and clarity!
  4. The use of props, when appropriate, can convey what your business is about in one image.  For example if you are a photographer and your profile picture is of you with a camera, then people will instantly know you are a photography business!
  5. Lighting is also key in any picture.  Natural light is the best source of light for good profile pictures. It will make your face glow, add depth to your eye color, and light up your background.

If you found this article helpful please share your new profile picture on your story and tag me @vierasocialmedia with the hashtag #vsmoptomizedmyprofile

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4 beneficial reasons for businesses to have a presence on social media.

By Kim Dickerson –Owner of Viera Social Media

There are more businesses on social media than ever before. These are four main reasons companies are focusing their marketing to their branding through on social media:

  1. Connecting with your audience.
  2. Building Brand Loyalty
  3. Learn about your audience (obtain unique insight on your audience)
  4. Provides a never before available, inside perspective into competitors

1. Businesses on social media are connecting with your audience.

95% of businesses worldwide use Facebook and 68% of US adults are using Facebook, with three-fourths of them logging on daily.  These platforms are the best way to connect with your customer on a consistent basis. Believe it or not, consumers are looking to platforms like Facebook to do more for them than keeping up with friends.  Half of generation Z and 42% of millennial’s says that social media is the most relevant ad channel.  More and more users are turning to social media for news and information that is specific to their likes and needs.

2. Businesses on social media are building brand loyalty.

With so many options out there it can be very overwhelming for your customer to decide what is right for them. Following an interacting with a brand they believe in helps them to make these decisions.  After messaging a brand on Facebook 66% of people feel more confident about the brand and 55% feel more personally connected to the brand.  It is no surprise that Social Media interaction is today’s top influencer in brand loyalty and will keep your customer coming back. It is important to note that 57% of people are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media and 71% are more likely to purchase from the brand after having a positive social experience.

3. You can learn about your audience.

Social Media allows you to learn about your audience.  The most common reason why consumers reach out to brands on social media is because they have a question, 57% of consumers have done this.  The second most common reason is to have an issue with a product or service resolved, 45% of consumers have done thisThrough social media you can better understand your customers needs because they’re able to provide feedback. Feedback you can use to better your business, advertising, products and services.

4. It provides a never before available, inside perspective into competitors

Another extremely useful thing that social media provides is direct insights into the competition. All of their business behavior, best practices and customers are right there for you to view, analyze and interact with.  This is a new and exciting avenue into understanding the competition that did not exist before and can only be accessed through social media. 

This only touches the surface on what social media can do for your business.  Viera Social Media can guide your business through all of it and you can focus on what your business does best!  Take a look at our packages below and reach out if you have any questions to