About Viera Social Media

Viera Social Media is run by me, Kim Dickerson, and you can find me on social media, @thevieramom.  I am a local mom, designer and content creator who like many others has relocated to this area for “the kids”.  Aside from being a mom, I am also a small business owner and entrepreneur.  I understand the demands of family, daily tasks and logistics that come along with running a business from personal experience.

Five years ago, after my first muse and daughter was born, I started my own handmade children’s clothing line that evolved into a ‘Mommy and Me’ swimwear line.  This was a job I worked along my 9-5 for the past 9 years as a Senior Field Coordinator, for Camuto Group.  In this position I managed up to $10 million in inventory for several top fashion brands in my accounts at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Bloomingdales and Lord & Taylor.  I worked with product categories including shoes, handbags, Ready to Wear and Jewelry (Fine and Costume).  My territory while working for the Camuto Group comprised the entire South Florida area.

Working both of these jobs gave me a unique understanding of today’s working world.​  I worked simultaneously with brick and mortar and e-commerce where I could clearly see a lack of understanding between the two worlds and their needs.  I now understand why social media is so important for the growth of businesses and am equipped with the knowledge to execute those objectives of your business. Social media platforms can quite literally take your customer through all 5 stages of the buying process: awareness, search, evaluation, product selection and evaluation.  It is absolutely something you want to be influencing in an authentic way!

Equipped with knowledge and skills in photography, digital and social media networking alongside my B.S Degree and work experience in retail marketing I decided to launch Viera Social Media. I am building a clientele of local small businesses that want an authentic hands-on voice for their business.  Alongside my current and future clients, I hope to achieve your business goals!  I am just as passionate about my content creations as you are your business, so I cannot wait to collaborate!

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