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10 Best Company Logo Designs and Why

There are some company logo designs that you can’t help but think of when you think about what a good logo should look like. Weather it be their creative simplicity or complex cleverness, some logos will stand out in your mind forever. If you are needing a logo for your company or are wanting a […]

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A Guide to Business Cards Basics

When you hand someone a business card, you are handing them a piece of your company. Business cards should no doubt make a good impression. In a lot of cases, your business card forms someone’s initial views on your company. Data collected from a survey done by Statistic Brain Research Institute, showed that 72 percent of […]

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Why Your Business’ Branding is so Important.

               What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word, “brand?” Maybe a certain brand came to mind, one of your favorites, like Nike or Panera Bread. What about when you hear the word, “branding?” You probably think of things like, a logo, or company colors, maybe even a tagline or slogan. […]

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