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T-Shirt Design Basics and Creation

Think about how many people you see around town or around your workplace wearing a graphic T-Shirt on a daily basis. You probably see quite a few. However, how much have you actually thought about what goes into the making of a custom T-shirt design? Maybe you needed shirts made for a school, church, or […]

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Logo Design- Best Practices & Things to Keep in Mind

ny’s branding as it literally says who you are. A good logo design should be a simple embodiment of your company. It should also be easily recognizable.

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How to Market your Business Online

When did things get so complicated? Back in the good ol’ days business seemed simpler and you did not need to worry about how to market your business online. You didn’t have to worry about your ranking on Google or creating a social media presence to stay competitive.  Staying relevant in this increasingly difficult world […]

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