Postcard Design

Postcard design is a great way to reach a target audience through printed material directly in their physical mailbox. Postcard design may seem old-school but according to Mailchimp, 86% of consumers read their mail.

5 Benefits to postcard design

  1. Affordability
    Postcards are a low-cost, yet very affective way to distribute information.
  2. Efficiency
    Postcards aren’t sealed in an envelope, making them easily readable and more efficient.
  3. Tangibility
    Because they are hand-held, postcards are effective in getting information to the recipient. While an email may remain unread, a postcard will more than likely be held by the recipient.
  4. Measurability
    When sending out a postcard you know exactly how many are going out. You can also measure the amount of inquiries or sales generated since mailing the postcard.
  5. Stealthy
    If you are worried about your competitors stealing your promotional ideas after seeing them online, a postcard is a great way to distribute information.