Custom Graphic Calendar Design

Custom Graphic Calendar Design is a perfect way to keep your business in people’s mind throughout the year. If your business has scheduled events, a branded calendar is a great way to keep your customers informed.

Types of promotional Calendars

  • Wall Calendars
    Wall calendars are your standard calendar that one would hang up on the wall. These calendars typically have an image on the top and the days of the month on the bottom.
  • Desk Calendar
    Desk calendars are calendars that typically reside on ones desk and are either tent-style, that stand on their own, or flat pad-style that lays flat on the desk. Tent-style desk calendars are easily seen but more difficult to write on, whereas pad-style calendars are not necessarily as easily seen but are much easier to write on.
  • Monthly Calendars
    Monthly calendars are typically used for updating customers on new events happening on a monthly basis and are only one page.

4 benefits of A promotional yearly calendar

  1. 1. Visibility
    1. Unlike other common promotional products, such as water bottles, which get stored away, or pens, which get lost, calendars can always be visible which will keep your business in mind more frequently.
  2. 2. Useful Gift
    1. While some promotional products are just a blatant marketing tool, a calendar is a useful gift for your customer, making it a win-win situation for them and for your business.
  3. 3. High ROI
    1. Calendars, compared to other promotional products are low-cost to create. Giving someone a calendar makes them more likely to visit your business throughout the year which will give you a good return on investment.
  4. 4. Year-long Advertising
    1. Branded calendars keep your business in the recipients mind all year, causing them to think of you before other competitors.

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