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Graphic Design

While our full social media packages do include graphic design services, we understand that some businesses may not need all of the extensive marketing services that we offer within those packages. However, at Viera Social Media we understand the importance of visually pleasing graphics and marketing material. That being said, Viera Social Media is pleased to offer your business a la carte graphic design services.

What is Graphic Design?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary Graphic Design is defined as “the art or profession of using design elements (such as typography and images) to convey information or create an effect.”

Graphic Design | Definition of Graphic Design by Merriam-Webster

There are several different types of graphic design. Some examples include, graphics for websites, graphics for printed materials, graphics for social media, and graphics for use in film.

At Viera Social Media we offer all of the graphic design services listed above, and contact us with any questions about any service that may not be listed. We want to accommodate any need you may have, as we are here for you and want to help see your business thrive.

Customers love to see visually pleasing graphics, it helps your business stand out and look professional.

The Importance of Graphic Design

You may not realize it, but graphic design is everywhere. Just look around you, you probably see something that was designed. From posters, to packaging, and maybe even what is on your shirt, graphic design is all around. People have been designing since the dawn on time, although, only recently on the computer. Graphic design is more important now than ever. Often in the business world, graphic design gets overlooked, but well-done graphic design can help grow your business tremendously. Customers love to see visually pleasing graphics, it helps your business stand out and look professional. Humans in general are visual creatures, so adding graphic design to your business’ marketing material will help gain more attention and loyal customers.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Since I mentioned how well-done graphic design can help your business, let’s talk about what graphic design mistakes can hurt your business.

Avoid Using Stock Images and Graphics

The most common mistake that we see business’ make is using stock images and graphics. At Viera Social Media we believe that original content is the best way to help your business stand out. We get to know you and your business and create custom content geared toward your customer base. Knowing your business helps us to create graphics that are unique to you, instead of just using templates found online. We want the feel of your business to be unlike any other business. This will cause you to stand out, and draw more people to you. Weather it be business cards, flyers, or your social media page, we will create graphics tailor made for you.

Be Careful with Color Choice

Another mistake that we see is incorrect use of colors. The wrong color combinations can draw people’s attention away from your graphics. Using the wrong color combination can distract from the message that your graphic is trying to send. Especially if you are using colors that are not part of your company’s branding. Using your company’s branded colors is very important for brand recognition. That’s not to say that you cant sprinkle in additional color’s, however, don’t use so many additional colors that it confuses your customer. That’s one of the reasons that hiring a graphic designer for graphic design services is so important. A graphic designer will know just what colors to use to help your graphics and marketing material shine.

Don’t Use Too Many Fonts

Using your company’s branded fonts is also very important. Like your company colors, your fonts are part of what make your business recognizable. If you use too many fonts that are outside of your branding, your customers will get confused. Your customers should be able to instantly tell that it’s you. Typically your branded fonts are the fonts that are used in your logo, however you may have additional fonts as well. These would be the fonts you would use for your business cards, flyers, and pretty much any other printed or digital graphics. Using too many fonts can make your business look unprofessional, whereas a cohesive, unified look is appealing to the eye.

As I mentioned about colors, it is okay to sprinkle in additional fonts on occasion. If you are making a social media post that says “Happy Birthday, Becky!” It is okay to use a fun, decorative font in this occasion. Using your standard font that you would use to type a a document would not look very festive, and may not convey your excitement in celebrating Becky. Decorative fonts can help grab attention but only when used sparingly and the appropriate context.

Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid: Using Stock Images, Using the Wrong Colors, Using too Many Fonts.

Graphic Design Can Also Be Internal

While designing things to be directed at customers, such as marketing materials and social media posts is important for gaining new customers and maintaining your existing customers, internal graphic design is also important. Internal graphic design includes anything that will be used only for your employees and co-workers. The can include, internal forms, Human Resource material, and any graphics needed for training videos. While these items will only be seen by people who work for your company, they should still be well designed to maintain uniformity within your business.

We are Here for You!

We know that the key to creating the perfect graphics for your business is truly knowing your business. That’s why the first step in the design process is meeting with you. This can be done in person, virtually, or over the phone. As previously mentioned, part of what makes us who we are at Viera Social Media is our hands-on, personal approach to business. We want to show potential clients that we are more than anonymous people behind a computer screen that you will rarely see, like so many alternate marketing/ graphic design companies.

Check out all of our graphic design services and contact us with any questions. We would love to hear from you and help your business thrive!