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10 Best Company Logo Designs and Why

10 Best Company Logo Designs and Why

There are some company logo designs that you can’t help but think of when you think about what a good logo should look like. Weather it be their creative simplicity or complex cleverness, some logos will stand out in your mind forever. If you are needing a logo for your company or are wanting a logo update you can look to these logos for inspiration. We will discuss 10 of the best company logo designs and what makes them so iconic.

1. Apple

Apple Company Logo Design

The Apple logo has come to be known as one of the most recognizable logos. One thing that makes the Apple logo is iconic is how simple it is. Rob Janoff designed the Apple logo in 1977 keeping in mind that apples have been a symbol of knowledge for a long time. (20 Best Logos [Classic and New] ( He also added the bite mark for proportion so you immediately know that it’s an apple. The bite can also represent a “byte” which is a play on words referring to what the company does with technology.

2. Nike

Nike Company Logo Design

The Nike logo is another simple but highly effective logo. It was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971 and the “swoosh” represents the wings of the goddess of Victory, Nike. However, now the “swoosh” makes people think of a fast moving object which correlates with the athleticism that Nike promotes.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks Company Logo Design

The Starbucks logo makes you automatically think of coffee, as Starbucks is the worlds largest coffee chain. You may be wondering what the two-tailed mermaid on the logo means or where it came from. Well, the mermaid is actually a siren. A siren is a creature from Greek Mythology that lured sailors in, causing them to crash their ships. Starbucks wants to lure you in to buy their coffee.

4. McDonald’s

McDonald's Company Logo Design

The McDonald’s “Golden Arches” are internationally recognized as there are more than 38,000 locations in operation around the world. The McDonald’s logo is simple, yet the yellow and red colors are eye catching and make a lasting impression. McDonald’s logo is a good example showing that good use of color in your branding can invoke a certain emotion. Red and yellow when used together, are shown to make people feel hungry, according to (7 Colors That Will Make You Hungry or Lose Your Appetite – Color Meanings (

5. Amazon

Amazon Company Logo Design

The Amazon Logo is a great design because of the double meaning that the arrow portrays. Sometimes called “The Smiley Arrow,” Amazon’s icon points from A to Z which shows that their company specializes in everything from A to Z. The arrow also forms a smiley face showing the company’s commitment to making customers smile.

6. Target

Target Company Logo Design

The Target “Bullseye” is another highly simplistic yet recognizable logo. The “target” icon portrays power and that if you shop at Target, no matter what you are looking for, you will hit the bullseye. The Target logo stands out because of it’s simple round design that is symmetrical. Like the McDonald’s logo, Target also takes advantage of the color red. However in this case, red was chosen as it is a bold color that makes an impression.

7. Under Armour

Under Armour Company Logo Design

Under Armour’s logo makes the list because of it’s clever incorporation of both the U and the A. The two letters are merged seamlessly to create one symbol. Compared to some of the other logos in this list, Under Armour is a relatively new company, being introduced in 1996. Since Under Armour is an athletic brand, their logo needed to look “beefy” and provoke a feeling of strength, which it does.

8. Microsoft

Microsoft Company Logo Design

Microsoft’s logo was created to represent technology being a “window into the world.” The Microsoft logo has come along way since the company first began as Traft-O-Data in 1972. The name changed to Microsoft in 1975, bringing with it a new logo. However, Microsoft’s first logo, while it was great at the time, did not well capture the brand.

Old Microsoft Logo

In 2012 the company re-branded and went with the current version of the logo.

9. FedEx

Fedex Company Logo Design

One thing you may have never noticed about the FedEx logo is the arrow in it. You may be thinking, “what arrow?” However, if you look closely you will see an arrow made from the negative space between the E and the X. This little subtle detail may go undetected by some, but once you see it, you can never un-see it. FedEx’s first logo however, does not contain the hidden arrow. This is because their first couple logos used a different font where the shapes of the letters do not form an apparent arrow.

Old Fedex logo

The current logo was designed in 1994 by Lindon Leader.

10. Levi’s

Levi's Company Logo Design

The Levi’s logo actually has an interesting history. The company was started at the time of the goldrush in the 19th century by Levi Strauss. He started the company so that he could make a pair of pants that miners could wear. He ended up inventing denim and the company exploded in popularity. Their first logo shows two horses pulling a pair of jeans on either sides. This is to depict that the jeans are built strong and are durable. The logo was also supposed to make it easy for both literate and illiterate, as well as non-English speakers to understand the brand. Their first logo is actually still used today as a patch sewn onto every pair of jeans. (Levi’s Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution | Turbologo)

Levi's patch

Their current logo is a much more simple version with only the word “Levi’s” on a red background. The current logo features a red “batwing” design based off of the stitch used on the back pocket of their most popular jean, the 501.

Levi's 501


As you can see, there are many different elements that go into making a good logo. All of the company logo designs we’ve looked at in this article have something about them that helps them stand out as a good logo. One thing you may have noticed is that all of these logos are relatively simple. A simple logo with a unique element is sure to stay in people’s mind as it gets the point across quickly and effectively.

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