5 New Instagram Features your Space Coast business needs to know about!

These new Instagram updates are great for optimizing your businesses content and reach on social media!

1.Video Trimming

Instagram now has a feature to edit and trim video directly in your story on the Instagram app.  This will make it easier and quicker for businesses to put together authentic and professional content on the go.

2. New Following Categories

This is an amazing new feature that shows you the accounts that you have “least interacted with” and the accounts that are “most shown in Feed”.  This is a great way to see who your true audience is and get to know them better. This is the special insight you can only get by being active on social media.

3. Adding age restrictions to who can view your page.

Instagram has now made is possible for you to set an age restriction on who can view your account. This is useful for certain businesses not looking to advertise to children like establishments for adults twenty-one years of age and older and CBD products. Previously this was only available on sponsored posts.

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4. Monetizing IGTV

Just like on YouTube you will be able to monetize the content you create for IGTV. Creators will apply to be a part of the Instagram Partners Program. From there you will be able to display ads with your content to generate additional revenue. Get ready and start planning your content so your ready when it happens!

5. Story Mentioner

Instagram now tells you who is mentioning you in their story in your notification section.  This makes it easier than ever to keep track of your mentions and follow up with them.

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I hope that you found these new Instagram features helpful in running your online marketing campaigns. Please reach out if you are in need of full-service management and/or feel free to subscribe below to follow along. Viera Social Media is dedicated to supporting the businesses of Brevard County and we love to share information that will help you to more proficiently run your digital marketing!

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