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Choosing the Right Instagram Profile Picture for your Business’s Instagram Page

Instagram is an amazing platform with over a billion active users each month and with ninety percent of those users following a business’s page, this is the platform you are going to want to stand out on!  This is the best way to build relationships with new customers, with your current customers and for your customers to get to know you.

Having a profile picture that properly communicates your business name and image is key to getting noticed in the Instagram world.  Unlike Facebook, Instagram pictures are small, round and cannot be enlarged. You will need an image powerful enough to stand out amongst a sea of other tiny images. On top of that, a majority of consumers view social media through a mobile device instead of a desktop making your image even smaller and amplifying the issue. It is important to consider all of these factors when selecting an Instagram profile picture for your business.

Ok, now that you know why an Instagram Profile picture is so important and you also understand its constraints let me break down for you a checklist to help you create the perfect profile picture:

  1. Choose a clean image where your logo or face is clearly visible.  I would suggest picking a portrait style picture unless you’re representing a company with many employees or the brand is already more recognizable than the person running it.  The primary focus is, “why me over my competitors?”  When the customer sees an image of your face or faces they already see your business in a friendlier and more approachable light.
  2. Make sure your background is clean and crisp allowing your logo or face to pop.  You want to pop off your background not be lost in it.
  3. Choose a square sized image not a rectangular one, to ensure your image displays the way you want it to when you upload it.  A poorly cropped image is not the first impression you want to leave when people are looking at your business. *Professional Tip: Have your image sized to 110×110 pixels to give your image the optimal quality and clarity!
  4. The use of props, when appropriate, can convey what your business is about in one image.  For example if you are a photographer and your profile picture is of you with a camera, then people will instantly know you are a photography business!
  5. Lighting is also key in any picture.  Natural light is the best source of light for good profile pictures. It will make your face glow, add depth to your eye color, and light up your background.

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